Doman Learning Consultations

Do you want a personalized reading program for your child? Do you feel stuck or have questions about your child’s reading program?

Our Doman Method consultants have decades of experience teaching children how to read and will give you a personalized reading program and answer all your questions. To book your Doman Learning Consultation today click here

A Doman Learning Consultation includes:

  • 1-hour video conference meeting with a Doman Method consultant. You can request any of our highly experienced consultants below or we will assign Spencer, Susanna or Rosalind depending on your needs. 
  • A 6-month reading program designed specifically for your child
  • Monthly reading goals for your child
  • Answers to all your reading program questions
  • One month of follow-up email support after your consultation.
  • Free access to the 6-month material subscription (a $70 value)! 

Spencer Doman (Co-Founder of Doman Learning and Doman Method Consultant)

Spencer Doman

Spencer has over a decade of experience working with children with and without special needs to improve their intellectual, cognitive and speech development. He is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of Doman International Institute and supervises all intellectual, cognitive, and speech development programs. Spencer is also Glenn Doman's grandson and had the honor of working with him for many years before he passed away. Spencer has taught many reading, math, and other educational programs to parents to teach their children at home, and is a renowned author, lecturer, and expert in early childhood education who has appeared on television and radio shows around the world. Spencer’s parents also taught him reading, math, and other subjects using Glenn Doman’s educational programs when he was a young child.

Spencer holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from West Chester University. Spencer is fluent in Spanish and English. 

Rosalind Doman (Doman Method Consultant)

Rosalind Doman

Rosalind is the Clinical Director of Doman International Institute and has over 40 years of experience in child brain development. In her current role, Rosalind supervises childhood motor development, overseas training of new staff, and manages clinical operations to ensure a positive experience for families. She worked directly under Glenn Doman for many years.

Rosalind is known for her years of expertise in child development. She has lectured to families around the world on child motor growth, and has taught thousands of parents how to teach their children to read. Rosalind is also the mother of 4 children, and did a comprehensive educational and physical program with them at home. Rosalind loves teaching other mothers what she has learned over many decades of experience as a professional as well as a mother who has used the techniques of Glenn Doman with her own children.

Rosalind has a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Education and Special Education from Buffalo State College.

Susanna Di Castro Horn (Doman Method Consultant)

Susanna Horn

Susanna has over two decades of experience teaching programs to parents to improve their children’s social, cognitive and speech development based on the teachings of Glenn Doman. Susanna is the Director of Cognitive Development at Doman International Institute and is a leading expert in reading and speech development. She is known for her innovative programs that help parents cultivate their children's love of learning.

Susanna is also the mother of two children and has used her expertise to teach her children fun and exciting educational programs at home. 

Susanna is fluent in both Italian and English.