Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I try the Doman Method Reading Program and I am not happy with the results?

Answer: Children have been learning to read using the Doman Method for over 50 years so we are confident you and your child will love this program! However, if you complete the 6-month Reading Program and are still not happy with the results, we will give you a full refund including the price of the consultation (if purchased).

Question: Do you offer materials in languages other than English?

Answer: Right now we only offer the Doman Method Reading Program in English. However, we plan to offer the same materials in other languages sometime soon! Send us an email letting us know what language you want (, and be sure to give us your full name! In the meantime, our advice would be to start your own program using your native language and start speaking in English to your baby. Once the reading program is going well, you can purchase the Doman Method Reading Program in English. 

Question: Can I edit the materials on my own?

Answer: The files cannot be edited because they are in PDF format. This ensures that the format does not change when you open the files on your computer

Question: Do you offer math, intelligence, language, music, or other programs?

Answer: We will at some point! Thank you for your patience while we develop our products. Feel free to let us know what programs you would be interested in (email, and be sure to give us your full name!

Question: Can I purchase parts of the Doman Method Reading Program instead of the entire Program?

Answer: Right now, we offer the 6-month Doman Method Reading Program which includes single words, couplets, sentences, and homemade books because most parents need support for all areas of the reading program. The materials include 900 single words, 750 couplets and sentences and 24 homemade books (the ideal program for a child for 6 months). 

Question: I want to start this program, but I’m not sure how to use the materials. How would I get started?

Answer: Each month of the 6-month Doman Learning Reading Program comes with a new instructional video featuring Spencer Doman giving tips and recommendations on how to teach your child to read. In addition, we recommend that all parents purchase the book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read” by Glenn Doman, available here on Amazon. Also, if you want a comprehensive coaching session for your child, you can sign up for a Doman Learning coaching consultation with one of our Doman Method coaches. If you are interested in individualized coaching, contact us via email at

Question: How big is the print on the materials? 

Answer: Many of the words are 3-4 cm in height because larger print is nearly impossible to print at home on an A4 sheet of paper. However, the print is large enough for most children except for a very tiny child or child with immature vision. Should you have any questions about whether the Doman Learning materials are right for your child, email us at

Question: Are these materials meant to be shown on cards or on a screen?

Answer: Both! They can be printed on A4 cardstock (legal size paper in the US) or they can be presented as a slideshow on a computer or television screen. When you purchase the materials, our videos explain how to print the materials or show them as a slideshow. We do not recommend showing the materials on a tablet or smartphone because they are too small. We also do not recommend using a screen to teach a child under 3 years of age because of concerns that too much screen time might be problematic for the brain development of young children. Here at Doman Learning, we want our kids to be as healthy, capable and happy as possible!

Question: This Reading Program lasts for 6 months. What do we do after the 6 months?

Answer: Check back in with Doman Learning when you are finished your 6-month program to see what other products and services we offer, as we plan to continue to add new innovative products for our parents. Contact us at at any time to discuss your child’s reading program, development and with your questions!