About Us

Glenn Doman's life mission was to teach parents how to help their children reach their full potential. He first became known worldwide when he authored the book "How to Teach Your Baby to Read" in 1964. The book went on to sell 5 million copies and was translated into 22 different languages. It has been used by millions of parents around the world to teach their children to read at a young age.

He knew that the most important people in the life of any child are their parents. He empowered parents with knowledge and tools to teach and raise their children to be superb in every way. He taught parents that every child is a genius, and it's our responsibility as adults to give information to children as a gift.

Glenn went on to write a series of books about child development called the Gentle Revolution Series. He wrote groundbreaking books like "How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence", "How to Teach Your Baby Math, and wrote "Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby!" with his son, Douglas. 

Douglas and Rosalind, his wife, raised their four children using the programs of the Doman Method. They worked hand-in-hand with Glenn for nearly 40 years until he passed away in 2013. They applied everything they learned directly from Glenn with their children, Marlowe, Spencer, Morgan and Noah.

Douglas and Rosalind's children are now adults, and share their grandparents and parents vision for helping children around the world. The Doman family, parents and kids, have teamed up to create Doman Learning so that every child in the world can have the same opportunities and introduction to joyous learning that they were fortunate enough to receive.

Doman Learning is the next generation of the Doman Method, the product of three generations of dedication to child literacy around the world.